ALI Series 24 

Achieving "Equity & and Excellence"  in Newark Public Schools

Begins September 28


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"Find out What your Child should be learning in the current grade"

The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has prepared a Student Success Guide for every grade level. It provides an overview  for parents of what their child should be learning in that grade, according to the Common Core Standards. This is a great resource to both educate parents in the common core, and to make sure their children have what is needed to be prepared for the next grade. 

Series 24 Class is a most attend!

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Junius Williams


Kaleena Berryman

Program Cordinator

Taimer Singleton 

YMS Program Cordinator

"Empowering parents, students and educators"

Parent's Guide to student success

The Abbott Leadership Institute Is Proud to Announce its 24th Series!

You often hear the mantra,"all children deserve an excellent education". But what does that mean? In a city like Newark, how can parents, educators, community and students work together to make it reality? Join us this series as we define equity and excellence, examine the current state of Newark Public schools, and introduce participants to ideas methods and advocacy techniques to that can make the difference. Equity and Excellence is achievable, if we make it mandatory.

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